Thursday, August 6, 2009

...what I know...

I know this...John Hughes epitomized what my teenage angst was about in a very real way, with the exception of Jake in "Sixteen Candles." He was way to perfect and schwingy for me, which is why I watched that movie over and over. In the movie theater and on my VCR.

"Pretty in Pink" reminded me of me in so many ways...Ducky, oh Ducky, who didn't have a Ducky...who sang Otis Redding no less. I loved that character. I loved Andrew McCarthy's sad sack of a character...I thought he was every boy I had ever dated...which is why I watched that movie over and over. In the movie theater and on my VCR.

I had just moved to Philadelphia (sorry my Pitt women) in 1991 when I saw "Home Alone", and I was so beside myself because it was awesome and I saw it in a theater with many, many people, the most I had ever been with in an entire movie theater, even when I saw "Purple Rain." I laughed and laughed, even when I had nachos spilled on me, and I didn't quite know how to be non-polite, like "excuse me, but could you get your ***** nachos off of me right now."

John Hughes, he was something, remember "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles." I just wanted Mark to come home to me because we were living across the country from each other when this came out, and it so reminded me of our life.

I just wanted to pay homage to a man who I grew up with, and gave me a peace of mind about who I was and what it meant to be me...he made films about me...he could have called me and I would have listened to him...R.I.P. my brother, my friend in movies...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

...get on your cup!

Instead of get on your boots, can you get on your cup? your Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup? yeah, that sweet it is to have the redemption of a game 7 to sort of turn your nose at the world of hockey unbelievers.

I drove all day yesterday (okay no Cindy Lauper lyrics about driving all night are allowed) to OK to get to a television to watch this epic game 7...I prayed off and on all day, and you know what? I am so glad I did. For those of you who maybe do the hockey gods thing, let me tell you God is soooo good. Yep, prayers of pens' fans were heard by the Almighty, he unleashed Max Talbot, the bushy bearded angel, and we've got ourselves a cup, our Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup...

Get on your cup, up, up, sexy cup!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One word for tonight's OT game between Blackhawks and Wings - AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Do you think it has anything to do with my wearing of a blackhawks tshirt, because if I thought for a minute it did, I wouldn't wear it anymore, even though it is a sharpie shirt, and well, I like it...maybe I will experiment and not wear it during the next game. I shall report back!

In happier news, my pens shirt = win! 'Nuf said!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words to describe the pens game tonight (reminder that it was game 3: pens vs. caps and caps were leading series 2-0):

Now that's what I am talking about...
I finally get LeSwoon, and truly, d-man + french speaking = sigh!
Love it!
Love it!
Love it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What do girls do without their men?

So all three of our men from the Browning family have headed to Bloomington, MN for the Minnesota Meltdown which consists of many triple AAA clubs from all of the over the country and one from Thunder Bay, Ontario (shoutout to the Staals!) coming together to play lots of hockey. The girl (who is 8) and I are having a weekend together of femaleness - the question is will we survive?

Today we have been to the salon - me for color, her for a mini-pedicure and hair treatment, WalMart, the grocery store, and the bowling alley. That was so much activity for me that I had to nap while Missy hung with her neighborhood friends...tomorrow, shoe shopping and lunch. Now, I like all this, but I do miss my messy, loud boys (that would include my husband!)

Our boys are very commanding in their presence, eat a lot, and either run constantly or crash really hard! Our girl is mellow...she is agreeable, she is sweet, and reminds me of her brothers by being messy (as evidenced by her room). Here is the thing with Missy, though, she is the youngest, but she has to have a commanding presence to keep up with her brothers. I will say that she does, unequivocably. She is passionate about her loves, dance and soccer, and equally disdainful of unfairness. I love that about her. I look at her and I think that all is well with the world. I look at my boys and think the same thing, but know that they could sometimes create a little havoc in the world.

My point is this, I look at our kids and I think that they have all of the possibilities and more of doing what they want to do, when, where and goal is to show them that they can do all of it and more...I used to temper this with reason, but dream big, live big, and love even bigger...

What do these girls do without their men? Have a lot of fun, spend a little money, eat out where we want to, and miss them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So, here I is late and I am tired and have probably had too much Miller Lite, but I feel compelled to say just a few things...

1) NYC is the place to be...I think I need to meet my sister there so we can see my niece, her daughter, in action, and publicly humiliate her in a kind and loving way as only southern women can...

2) Florida might be another destination only because my friend, Meli, likes to golf there...she is a golfin' girl, instead of a shoppin' girl, never met one, but I like her, so she/they are not all that bad :)

3) I am 42, going on 43, can I go to TX to convalesce yet, even if I don't have plastic surgery!?

4) I miss Jules and I miss SC from last year, where did he go?

5) I love my husband, and he loves the badger hockey team. 'Nuff said!

6) I love my kids, they rock, I rock, he rocks, a she bop!

7) Mom, you are the bomb!

Peace out, my people, and remember, go Stoughton Vikings on March 13-15....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, I have a thought or three now that I have been viewing other blogs for awhile and emailing and facebooking, which is totally addictive, oh, and I have my them.

I love the internet, love it, love know why? It is safe and easy...I can be me, make sense? I like the fact that I am judged for the content of my character, and not anything else (...and if you can tell me where I lifted that phrase, I will send you expensive chocolate or stationary.) I can tell what I want when I want to whom I want and it is all right (Mer makes me very conscious of grammar.)

Here's the thing, I end up revealing a lot...because the people I have met on the internet, I like, I really, really like, they are an awesome bunch of people, mostly women...we come together with a common interest which is borne out of hockey, and we have moved on to so much more!

I never thought I would leave comments on blogs, chat in a chatroom, have facebook, let alone have intelligent correspondence with respectable does a body good, y'a know? Yet, I question myself...self, do I need a life?

There are some pretty ridiculous, yet highly addictive chatrooms out there...I fall into the trap of looking at piece of information, and bam! I am right there all the time until the "truth" is revealed...What exactly is the truth? Well, for me, unless it is from the Bible, no, some truth, not much, but some really great pictures...what do I know other than the simple things in life? I will take that, thank you very much...

Some shoutouts before I close, please, because I can!

1) My people for loving me no matter what! ...and it is okay that I only want to talk to maybe three of you at any given time in my life...

2) My girls - Meli, Lauren, Anna, Kat, TraciAnn, and MNS - you rock! Thanks for giving me the confidence to be 42, wise, and silly all at the same you women!

3) Mer and the women on WTBL - you rock! 'nuf said ( Mer, do not correct my grammar!)

4) All my facebook people, who knew?

5) And to the bubblegum factory that made this all possible, this Oscar is for you!