Thursday, April 1, 2010

So, here's the deal, it's been a while, a long while, and I am tired tonight. After much thought and beer, though, I decided to post a few musings. Ready, set, go!

Musing 1 - I am too old to have high maintenance people in my life. I thank you for not being one of them.

Musing 2 - Those Thrashers lost - DAMNATION! Ottawa - my beloved Mer, I will get back to you, but I may owe you an all expense paid trip to Wisconsin before these playoffs are over, lol!

Musing 3 - Beer on a Thursday night during Spring Break at home with the kids is not a bad thing!

Musing 4 - I miss my father-in-law, David, much more than I thought I ever would. I have a coffee mug that he bought me for Christmas 22 years ago that has butterflies on it - it is from a place called the Nature Company/Store. I thought it was ugly, took it to church, left it there, someone cleaned out the nasty coffee residue, and I purloined it back to my house. David dies, I drink out of it as much as I can because NOW I like it. My human frailty shows in stupid ways.

Musing 5 - love your mother, tolerate your father, love him on occasion.

Musing 6 - now I shall sleep!