Friday, October 22, 2010

Another so many ways!

So it is late, and as usual, I decide to write a post. The TX Rangers have won their series against the NY Rangers (thank you!) and that is very, very exciting. First time ever that those Rangers have been to the World Series...really? who knew?

An opinion poll...what do people think of "Jersey Shore?" I think ew, poo, and yucky! My husband thought the Situation's name was the Solution...really? Color me concerned for my hubby and for the rest of us who knew the correct name.

Started working a very part-time job at my pre-childbirth place of employment, very weird, but good, also. I have my own mad money or so I think, lol! Really, I just add it to the amount I skim every month as payment for my services as a runnin' fool of a mom!

Lovelovelove and good bye!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So I have a few things to say re: this free agency frenzy - here it is in three words with a comma...poop, double poop! Really?

Gonch to the Sens? Have no issues with the Sens taking Gonch, huge issues with the pens letting him go...that would be the double poop in the beginning of my post!

Paul Martin rocks...big, physical, American, bad, he's crotch grabbin' bad! Now, no injuries allowed!

Ethan Moreau and the CBJ - why did I not think of this before? I could have then earned the agent's commission on this genius idea!

Mer, I love you.

Jess, love the naked pics in your last update, wootwoot! What with being a U.S. citizen and all I am all about nakedness, of course, porn, an entirely different story.

Bah bye Bur, to Dallas no less, where they will eat, and I mean literally, eat you up. Honey, you will be in heaven!

My father was supposed to come and visit this weekend. Decided not to because his beloved girlfriend could not make it...okay! Really? Love you dad and June, see you in October, unless it is too cold! I am sooooo not bitter, lol!

'Night all!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A few things...

I have a few things to share, especially after a 13 hour ride from Oklahoma to Wisconsin and a few beers after arriving in Stoughton, WI...

1) The Habs traded Halak? Really?

2) Jason Arnott to the Devils from the Preds? Really?

3) Thank heavens those Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! I was wondering what I would do all summer if the Flyers won it...

4) TX and OK are very, very hot this time of year!

5) Met my dad's new girlfriend, June(bug), lovely lady, but would like for some of my friends to meet her...could be interesting!

6) My husband missed me!

7) Damnation! Those world soccer cup refs, see what you get for looking at the purty sideline reporter instead of paying attention to the game...those U.S. boys should have won.

I am finished for now...hoping to blog more regularly, but you know, I tire easily and my love of beer makes me tire even more easily. Lovelovelove to my faithful readers!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So, here's the deal, it's been a while, a long while, and I am tired tonight. After much thought and beer, though, I decided to post a few musings. Ready, set, go!

Musing 1 - I am too old to have high maintenance people in my life. I thank you for not being one of them.

Musing 2 - Those Thrashers lost - DAMNATION! Ottawa - my beloved Mer, I will get back to you, but I may owe you an all expense paid trip to Wisconsin before these playoffs are over, lol!

Musing 3 - Beer on a Thursday night during Spring Break at home with the kids is not a bad thing!

Musing 4 - I miss my father-in-law, David, much more than I thought I ever would. I have a coffee mug that he bought me for Christmas 22 years ago that has butterflies on it - it is from a place called the Nature Company/Store. I thought it was ugly, took it to church, left it there, someone cleaned out the nasty coffee residue, and I purloined it back to my house. David dies, I drink out of it as much as I can because NOW I like it. My human frailty shows in stupid ways.

Musing 5 - love your mother, tolerate your father, love him on occasion.

Musing 6 - now I shall sleep!