Monday, October 1, 2012

Do I Keep on Musing?

I am thinking I should, but who knows. It is interesting, because I have people tell me I should blog, but what exactly would I say? You would think I would have something to say, but I never think it's important.

Is it important? What we think we have to say? I don't know...I am wondering what is important. I find that I am on a search for the "important" in life, and then I watch "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Is that an important show? Are they important people? I don't know...

So, here's what has gone on so far since the last time I posted...our 3 kids have all started school, a senior and freshman in high school, and a sixth grader (Heaven help me!) My father decided to move to Wisconsin, my sister had a perforated bowel, my pastor and his wife started "Church in a Barn," and I am still 46. My hubby is making me laugh more, and he is so happy to have our storage unit cleaned out...who knew?

What about you? What do you muse about? Do I keep on musing? Will you keep on musing? Let me know...maybe we should muse together!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I see there have been a lot of hits on "Musings..." That is awesome!

I have a lot of musings...I am afraid to muse in case I make no sense, but after 4 glasses of white wine, how can I not. Henceforth, my musings...

1) We have a golden boy...smelly hockey boy #1. He graduates this year and doesn't know whether to attend college right away or try, just try, to skate for a year to see if he gets noticed after high school hockey. I think he should get noticed for his play at the high school level, but what do I know? I am only his mother. He is the 1st born, and he has not had it easy, but oh, such a boy/man is he! I could not have prayed for a better person.

2) Our middle one, smelly hockey boy #2, has the name of James. If you don't know about mercy, read the Book of James in the New Testament. My boy, he has the gift of mercy, he got it from his mama. We are merciful...could be because we love Jesus, or because I am from Oklahoma. I prefer to think it is both :) Oh, and Lauren, my beautiful red head, he thinks you are hot and I would be okay if he married you even if you are the older woman! See, that is my example of mercy.

3) See below for the details on our girl...suffice it to say she has better hair than all of the Allman Brothers Band put together, and she is sweet...why wouldn't we name her after a song...

I have been thinking a lot about babies, probably because @Hockeywife_22 is having her 2nd in a furen (OK speak) country and @lilhotz56 and @KylieD87 will be aunties to sets of twins in each of their families...wowwowwow! Love them a lot, have mercy on them a lot, and hug their moms and dads a lot.

Love y'all a!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a little freaked out that there are 367 views of my measly musings...really? What is that? I wonder if I should muse more regularly? Oy.Vey! School is out for the summer, and that means lots of busyness...boys here, girls there! I shall survive...Peace out!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


As I re-read what I had written in previous posts, I giggled because clearly they were written at night and some are wine-induced (red wine to be exact!)

Happy New Year, my peeps. I hope it is a wonderful one for all of you.

Be peaceful!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

James is giggling in the living room...

and John and I are texting because we let him go to a "nightstorm" party ( in Madison. We had to give him the very stern talking to about how we did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, we will know if there are weapons there purely through osmosis, and there will be no drinking because surely everyone there will have a soda. I even made hubby give John $5 extra for one. Whew! I feel like a good parent.

So, the whole having a 16 year old is just plain dreadful. That's right, you heard me, D-R-E-A-D-F-U-LLLLLL! The independence thing, whatever. The driving thing, whatever. The convenience for you thing, whatever. Like my mama, Ella Mae, said..."can we have him sit in a chair again?" Thank you. Then there is my James, the 13 year old, who can chew me up and spit me out, but he should never, ever know that. The logic behind his arguments is scary and his smarts are scary. Geez, he's scary, but oh man, is he sweet. Finally, taller than me, and does he ever love his mama. That's what I like, mama's boys, lol!

The girl is driving me crazy...she is soooo her father's daughter. The fact that she is female doesn't help, but I like her...a lot. I can't imagine not having Missy Lou Who around, she is my bestie. I can tell her stuff within reason and she gets it. I, of course, avoid all gory details, because while I am from Oklahoma and we have a certain level of crassness, I have lived in Wisconsin long enough to avoid it - the crassness, that is (I hope!)

Tomorrow night, Pat Benatar with the ladies in the Wisconsin Dells...about an hour from Madison. Fun, fun, on fb or twitter, and a really good dinner. Question? Martini or gin & tonic at dinner? Hit me with your best shot :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rumour has it...

How could I not resist downloading Adele from the Itunes Music Festival in London, England most very recently. Is she not "Excellent" in the words of Wayne & Garth?

So here's the deal...feeling compelled to blog more and heaven knows what that means...could be good and could be bad. I have found a lot of interesting blogs lately, some you need to know about, some I shall keep to myself (hubba hubba or whatever!)

How many people watch "Tabatha's Salon Makeover?" Completely addicting, and not just because of that thing on her nose that could be surgically removed...she has got it going on. She has made me want to be a salon manager. It requires round the clock makeup...have to think about that!

To my hockey women who move around the world with their men and children...really? Rock on with your bad selves, I love it. I thought I was brave moving from OK to PA...I got nothin' on you girls. I just like Wisconsin :)

We sold our old house, our starter home, for more than we were asking for...that's right, a real estate anomoly...would you come visit us? I could guarantee you awesome high school hockey, some fairly good Badger hockey (Ky and Meli, I am bidding on ND at the next golf outing), and some really great Bantam hockey with a lot of hitting from my boo, James Wesley (he is the second boy, lots of aggression, need I say more!) We are moving on September 30. You show up, and I will feed you, beer you, and hang with you...lovelovelove!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's my birthday...tomorrow!

Not just any birthday, either, but my 45th one. Oy vey! It has been one h-e-double hockey sticks of a wild, wild ride. I can't complain, though, really...I listened to "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen recently..."put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty, and meet me tonight in Atlantic City." So do you get a glass of white wine with that...please?

I must confess, I would like a little bit deeper meaning to my life than what it is now, but you know, I have these 3 incredible kids and one pretty awesome husband (I would never willingly tell him that, however, sort of messes with the man/woman alpha vibe!) I don't have to get a "real" job, only a "big girl" job to show that I am capable of hangin' in there to earn some money, any money, please...I am good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like me...these last bits of business are for my beloved hockey women/peeps, and here we go...there is no particular order and after a few glasses of wine with no supervision, anything goes...

Ali - you rock! You are one of my heroes because you are true to your beliefs and faith. Stick with it, girl. You are blessed! You inspire me! You are also a smarty very proud of your internship, but not surprised! Lovelovelove you!

Blair - I love that you are brave enough to go to Germany, keep us informed, and corral cows in the meantime. Thank you for making me think about traveling somewhere that doesn't always involve cows (sister, visit me in Wisconsin and you will understand!) and for your fabulous faith, you inspire me! Lovelovelove you!

Mer - you are a good soul, an old soul in a young body who always welcomes me into your life. Please keep the Moosewood cookbook, I wouldn't have it any other way. You show me a life that is so very, very interesting and you are smar, so very smart, and I love that. Pubs, talks, book reading in underwear...I think I actually did do that :) Lovelovelove you!

Lauren - my gorgeous red-headed woman...woohoo! Look at you in Virginia with your fab job, long hours, and interesting people...who knew? You rock, and I am anxious to see where you go in this life. You and your tweets inspire me! Lovelovelove you!

Gen - I love that you are a scientist, like a real live female, I have something in the tube scientist...woohoo! I also love that you cook, date, and hang out...can't wait until you cook and hang out with me, oh, and the dating? I make it a rule not to interfere, lol! Lovelovelove you!

Kylie - oh, my beloved Ky, you are so very dear to me, it is hard for me to express, and I love that you are a thoughtful, good woman who is willing to give me tips on bras. You are another of my heroes, Ky, and I can't wait to drink wine with you someday...lovelovelove you!

Melissa - I love you, you are somethin', somethin', too, are so very, very dear to me...I love our chats and commiserating over life. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you...hugs to and lovelovelove you!

Jess - you crack me up, completely...and I love your blog. Thank you for inspiring me to bigger and better things outside the safety of my world...lovelovelove you!

Kristina - your writing is spectacular, your tweets and fb posts make me giggle, and you have got it goin' on...never, ever forget that. You can bake for me anytime, anywhere, and I will where my UND hockey shirt as a thank you. You can find me in the crowd, I will be a green girl with chocolate on her face. Lovelovelove you!

Hockey Wife - thank you for following remind me that I was brave once, too. I followed a man somewhere far away from my comfort zone, not to Europe, but to Wisconsin which is close enough sometimes, lol! You can do this, have a baby or babies and live far away from all that you know...and you can be okay doing it. You are woman, here you roar...even though I don't know you well enough yet...lovelovelove you because it's my birthday.

Happy Birthday, my loves, and if I missed anyone, please know that is was truly accidental and under the influence of some very, very good wine :)

Peace out, always!