Monday, October 1, 2012

Do I Keep on Musing?

I am thinking I should, but who knows. It is interesting, because I have people tell me I should blog, but what exactly would I say? You would think I would have something to say, but I never think it's important.

Is it important? What we think we have to say? I don't know...I am wondering what is important. I find that I am on a search for the "important" in life, and then I watch "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Is that an important show? Are they important people? I don't know...

So, here's what has gone on so far since the last time I posted...our 3 kids have all started school, a senior and freshman in high school, and a sixth grader (Heaven help me!) My father decided to move to Wisconsin, my sister had a perforated bowel, my pastor and his wife started "Church in a Barn," and I am still 46. My hubby is making me laugh more, and he is so happy to have our storage unit cleaned out...who knew?

What about you? What do you muse about? Do I keep on musing? Will you keep on musing? Let me know...maybe we should muse together!

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