Friday, April 24, 2009

What do girls do without their men?

So all three of our men from the Browning family have headed to Bloomington, MN for the Minnesota Meltdown which consists of many triple AAA clubs from all of the over the country and one from Thunder Bay, Ontario (shoutout to the Staals!) coming together to play lots of hockey. The girl (who is 8) and I are having a weekend together of femaleness - the question is will we survive?

Today we have been to the salon - me for color, her for a mini-pedicure and hair treatment, WalMart, the grocery store, and the bowling alley. That was so much activity for me that I had to nap while Missy hung with her neighborhood friends...tomorrow, shoe shopping and lunch. Now, I like all this, but I do miss my messy, loud boys (that would include my husband!)

Our boys are very commanding in their presence, eat a lot, and either run constantly or crash really hard! Our girl is mellow...she is agreeable, she is sweet, and reminds me of her brothers by being messy (as evidenced by her room). Here is the thing with Missy, though, she is the youngest, but she has to have a commanding presence to keep up with her brothers. I will say that she does, unequivocably. She is passionate about her loves, dance and soccer, and equally disdainful of unfairness. I love that about her. I look at her and I think that all is well with the world. I look at my boys and think the same thing, but know that they could sometimes create a little havoc in the world.

My point is this, I look at our kids and I think that they have all of the possibilities and more of doing what they want to do, when, where and goal is to show them that they can do all of it and more...I used to temper this with reason, but dream big, live big, and love even bigger...

What do these girls do without their men? Have a lot of fun, spend a little money, eat out where we want to, and miss them.