Friday, October 22, 2010

Another so many ways!

So it is late, and as usual, I decide to write a post. The TX Rangers have won their series against the NY Rangers (thank you!) and that is very, very exciting. First time ever that those Rangers have been to the World Series...really? who knew?

An opinion poll...what do people think of "Jersey Shore?" I think ew, poo, and yucky! My husband thought the Situation's name was the Solution...really? Color me concerned for my hubby and for the rest of us who knew the correct name.

Started working a very part-time job at my pre-childbirth place of employment, very weird, but good, also. I have my own mad money or so I think, lol! Really, I just add it to the amount I skim every month as payment for my services as a runnin' fool of a mom!

Lovelovelove and good bye!