Sunday, August 12, 2012

I see there have been a lot of hits on "Musings..." That is awesome!

I have a lot of musings...I am afraid to muse in case I make no sense, but after 4 glasses of white wine, how can I not. Henceforth, my musings...

1) We have a golden boy...smelly hockey boy #1. He graduates this year and doesn't know whether to attend college right away or try, just try, to skate for a year to see if he gets noticed after high school hockey. I think he should get noticed for his play at the high school level, but what do I know? I am only his mother. He is the 1st born, and he has not had it easy, but oh, such a boy/man is he! I could not have prayed for a better person.

2) Our middle one, smelly hockey boy #2, has the name of James. If you don't know about mercy, read the Book of James in the New Testament. My boy, he has the gift of mercy, he got it from his mama. We are merciful...could be because we love Jesus, or because I am from Oklahoma. I prefer to think it is both :) Oh, and Lauren, my beautiful red head, he thinks you are hot and I would be okay if he married you even if you are the older woman! See, that is my example of mercy.

3) See below for the details on our girl...suffice it to say she has better hair than all of the Allman Brothers Band put together, and she is sweet...why wouldn't we name her after a song...

I have been thinking a lot about babies, probably because @Hockeywife_22 is having her 2nd in a furen (OK speak) country and @lilhotz56 and @KylieD87 will be aunties to sets of twins in each of their families...wowwowwow! Love them a lot, have mercy on them a lot, and hug their moms and dads a lot.

Love y'all a!