Thursday, August 18, 2011

James is giggling in the living room...

and John and I are texting because we let him go to a "nightstorm" party ( in Madison. We had to give him the very stern talking to about how we did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, we will know if there are weapons there purely through osmosis, and there will be no drinking because surely everyone there will have a soda. I even made hubby give John $5 extra for one. Whew! I feel like a good parent.

So, the whole having a 16 year old is just plain dreadful. That's right, you heard me, D-R-E-A-D-F-U-LLLLLL! The independence thing, whatever. The driving thing, whatever. The convenience for you thing, whatever. Like my mama, Ella Mae, said..."can we have him sit in a chair again?" Thank you. Then there is my James, the 13 year old, who can chew me up and spit me out, but he should never, ever know that. The logic behind his arguments is scary and his smarts are scary. Geez, he's scary, but oh man, is he sweet. Finally, taller than me, and does he ever love his mama. That's what I like, mama's boys, lol!

The girl is driving me crazy...she is soooo her father's daughter. The fact that she is female doesn't help, but I like her...a lot. I can't imagine not having Missy Lou Who around, she is my bestie. I can tell her stuff within reason and she gets it. I, of course, avoid all gory details, because while I am from Oklahoma and we have a certain level of crassness, I have lived in Wisconsin long enough to avoid it - the crassness, that is (I hope!)

Tomorrow night, Pat Benatar with the ladies in the Wisconsin Dells...about an hour from Madison. Fun, fun, on fb or twitter, and a really good dinner. Question? Martini or gin & tonic at dinner? Hit me with your best shot :)

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