Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rumour has it...

How could I not resist downloading Adele from the Itunes Music Festival in London, England most very recently. Is she not "Excellent" in the words of Wayne & Garth?

So here's the deal...feeling compelled to blog more and heaven knows what that means...could be good and could be bad. I have found a lot of interesting blogs lately, some you need to know about, some I shall keep to myself (hubba hubba or whatever!)

How many people watch "Tabatha's Salon Makeover?" Completely addicting, and not just because of that thing on her nose that could be surgically removed...she has got it going on. She has made me want to be a salon manager. It requires round the clock makeup...have to think about that!

To my hockey women who move around the world with their men and children...really? Rock on with your bad selves, I love it. I thought I was brave moving from OK to PA...I got nothin' on you girls. I just like Wisconsin :)

We sold our old house, our starter home, for more than we were asking for...that's right, a real estate anomoly...would you come visit us? I could guarantee you awesome high school hockey, some fairly good Badger hockey (Ky and Meli, I am bidding on ND at the next golf outing), and some really great Bantam hockey with a lot of hitting from my boo, James Wesley (he is the second boy, lots of aggression, need I say more!) We are moving on September 30. You show up, and I will feed you, beer you, and hang with you...lovelovelove!

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