Saturday, June 19, 2010

A few things...

I have a few things to share, especially after a 13 hour ride from Oklahoma to Wisconsin and a few beers after arriving in Stoughton, WI...

1) The Habs traded Halak? Really?

2) Jason Arnott to the Devils from the Preds? Really?

3) Thank heavens those Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! I was wondering what I would do all summer if the Flyers won it...

4) TX and OK are very, very hot this time of year!

5) Met my dad's new girlfriend, June(bug), lovely lady, but would like for some of my friends to meet her...could be interesting!

6) My husband missed me!

7) Damnation! Those world soccer cup refs, see what you get for looking at the purty sideline reporter instead of paying attention to the game...those U.S. boys should have won.

I am finished for now...hoping to blog more regularly, but you know, I tire easily and my love of beer makes me tire even more easily. Lovelovelove to my faithful readers!

1 comment:

Jess said...

You should totes blog more often.

What's the deal with your dad's girlfriend? I am trying to tone my honesty down - but I just can't do it!

My old boss told my new boss that I have an 'attitude' - this means that I was up front with my old boss and told her that I disliked her, thought she had a low IQ and would appreciate if she could spell check and not refer to me as Marie in official work documents.

I am back in the UK now after 4 weeks in your fine nation. How depressing! :D