Thursday, July 1, 2010

So I have a few things to say re: this free agency frenzy - here it is in three words with a comma...poop, double poop! Really?

Gonch to the Sens? Have no issues with the Sens taking Gonch, huge issues with the pens letting him go...that would be the double poop in the beginning of my post!

Paul Martin rocks...big, physical, American, bad, he's crotch grabbin' bad! Now, no injuries allowed!

Ethan Moreau and the CBJ - why did I not think of this before? I could have then earned the agent's commission on this genius idea!

Mer, I love you.

Jess, love the naked pics in your last update, wootwoot! What with being a U.S. citizen and all I am all about nakedness, of course, porn, an entirely different story.

Bah bye Bur, to Dallas no less, where they will eat, and I mean literally, eat you up. Honey, you will be in heaven!

My father was supposed to come and visit this weekend. Decided not to because his beloved girlfriend could not make it...okay! Really? Love you dad and June, see you in October, unless it is too cold! I am sooooo not bitter, lol!

'Night all!

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