Thursday, February 19, 2009

So, here I is late and I am tired and have probably had too much Miller Lite, but I feel compelled to say just a few things...

1) NYC is the place to be...I think I need to meet my sister there so we can see my niece, her daughter, in action, and publicly humiliate her in a kind and loving way as only southern women can...

2) Florida might be another destination only because my friend, Meli, likes to golf there...she is a golfin' girl, instead of a shoppin' girl, never met one, but I like her, so she/they are not all that bad :)

3) I am 42, going on 43, can I go to TX to convalesce yet, even if I don't have plastic surgery!?

4) I miss Jules and I miss SC from last year, where did he go?

5) I love my husband, and he loves the badger hockey team. 'Nuff said!

6) I love my kids, they rock, I rock, he rocks, a she bop!

7) Mom, you are the bomb!

Peace out, my people, and remember, go Stoughton Vikings on March 13-15....

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