Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, I have a thought or three now that I have been viewing other blogs for awhile and emailing and facebooking, which is totally addictive, oh, and I have my girls...love them.

I love the internet, love it, love it...you know why? It is safe and easy...I can be me, make sense? I like the fact that I am judged for the content of my character, and not anything else (...and if you can tell me where I lifted that phrase, I will send you expensive chocolate or stationary.) I can tell what I want when I want to whom I want and it is all right (Mer makes me very conscious of grammar.)

Here's the thing, I end up revealing a lot...because the people I have met on the internet, I like, I really, really like, they are an awesome bunch of people, mostly women...we come together with a common interest which is borne out of hockey, and we have moved on to so much more!

I never thought I would leave comments on blogs, chat in a chatroom, have facebook, let alone have intelligent correspondence with respectable people...it does a body good, y'a know? Yet, I question myself...self, do I need a life?

There are some pretty ridiculous, yet highly addictive chatrooms out there...I fall into the trap of looking at them...one piece of information, and bam! I am right there all the time until the "truth" is revealed...What exactly is the truth? Well, for me, unless it is from the Bible, no truth...people.com, some truth, not much, but some really great pictures...what do I know other than the simple things in life? I will take that, thank you very much...

Some shoutouts before I close, please, because I can!

1) My people for loving me no matter what! ...and it is okay that I only want to talk to maybe three of you at any given time in my life...

2) My girls - Meli, Lauren, Anna, Kat, TraciAnn, and MNS - you rock! Thanks for giving me the confidence to be 42, wise, and silly all at the same time...love you women!

3) Mer and the women on WTBL - you rock! 'nuf said ( Mer, do not correct my grammar!)

4) All my facebook people, who knew?

5) And to the bubblegum factory that made this all possible, this Oscar is for you!


mer said...

Val, I would never presume to correct your grammar on your blog :P Plus, I'm pretty sure failboat and Chills-City aren't proper words :P

Lauren said...

Umm, how come I did not know this blog existed until today? Shame on me...

<3<3<3 you Val! :)