Saturday, June 13, 2009

...get on your cup!

Instead of get on your boots, can you get on your cup? your Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup? yeah, that sweet it is to have the redemption of a game 7 to sort of turn your nose at the world of hockey unbelievers.

I drove all day yesterday (okay no Cindy Lauper lyrics about driving all night are allowed) to OK to get to a television to watch this epic game 7...I prayed off and on all day, and you know what? I am so glad I did. For those of you who maybe do the hockey gods thing, let me tell you God is soooo good. Yep, prayers of pens' fans were heard by the Almighty, he unleashed Max Talbot, the bushy bearded angel, and we've got ourselves a cup, our Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup...

Get on your cup, up, up, sexy cup!


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Kingdomseeker said...

Val Browning, of Stoughton, Wi...

It's JILLIAN!!! your former pizza-hut slinging MOPS pal!!!!

I have since moved to Wyoming and I'm dreadfully lonely, which is why I'm writing someone I haven't seen for...6 years?!

Actually, I saw your name on the Siesta Blog for the summer study.
I am doing it also, and would be happy to chat about it with you, if you care for 'company'.

And if you really don't, or if you can't remember me, just ask Barb! I still talk to her weekly.

Either way, good to see you!